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Benefits of a Detached Garage

Detached garages are growing in popularity as homeowners are tired of the garage-focused house design that has dominated suburban neighborhoods for years. Consider these benefits first if you think you can’t buy a home without an attached garage or if you are thinking of building a home with one.

Better Use of Space

A detached garage is a better use of space. Your options aren’t limited the way they are with an attached garage. You can fit it perfectly with your lot’s exact specifications. You can place it to the side of the house, behind it or at an angle. Depending on your lot’s size and layout you can add a garage that fits your needs, rather than one that is restricted by the structure of your home.

More Customization

Detached garages offer an array of options. You can have yours built to fit your needs exactly the way you want it. Build living quarters inside, add a lean-to for more storage space, or size it to house your boat. For those without a big backyard, a detached garage works as a perfect alternate solution. A detached garage gives you a place to send the kids to ride their bikes, enjoy games like throwing darts or playing tag, and even some rollerblading.

A More Modern Look

Houses designed with attached garages are all too commonplace. Building a detached garage allows your home to stand out from the cookie-cutter look of most other homes and it gives it a more modern look.

Safer for Your Main House

Because garages are known to store valuables, burglars often seek to break into them. Detached garages keep your family safely away from potential intrusions. They also keep hazardous chemicals and gases that are sometimes stored in garages away from your house. If you are like us and like working on projects in the garage, having a detached one will cut down on loud noises carrying into your home. You can use your saws, pound your hammer aggressively, and not worry about waking the baby or your wife during their weekend naps.

A detached garage can also give you the freedom to work on your projects and hobbies without having to clean up before you’re finished. Your wife won’t notice that you haven’t worked on your project in two weeks, saving you from having to answer questions about when it will be finished.

Detached garages benefit you and your family in more than one way: they’re practical, can be more customized, aren’t the same as everyone else’s, are safer, and are more peaceful. What will you use your detached garage for?

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