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Blog 2018-10-07T08:14:10+00:00

A Year of No Regrets

Sweat dripping down my face and gasping for air doesn’t sound like the best start to the new year, but 2020 is already turning out to be a year of no regrets. As I write, I am on day number 9 of 30 no missed days at my new home gym. The first day was the hardest. Climbing the eternal stair [...]

New Year, New Me!

Every year I look forward to getting all dressed up for our annual New Year’s Eve party. The problem with New Year’s Eve is that it falls after the holidays and before the New Year’s resolutions. I usually realize sometime around the 30th that I’m going to have to stuff my turkey belly and eggnog hips into my dress where I won't [...]

A Decorator’s Dilemma: Solved!

'Tis the season for even the best of moms to make allowances for sugar. Sometimes I miss the days of nutritional ignorance when my mom gave me cookie dough without the worry of salmonella and baked goods never fearing diabetes. Gone are those days except at Christmas time when moms get to feed our kids the things that make their faces [...]

A Decorator’s Dilemma: Part 3

  One down one more to go shouldn’t be my post-Thanksgiving attitude, but after packing up the fall décor and unloading the last of the Christmas boxes to fill in where the turkeys and pumpkins had been displayed, I’m already dreading what comes next. I mean, it’s not like Santa’s going to help me pack all this red and green back [...]

A Decorator’s Dilemma: Part 2

I like a lot of things about the Christmas season besides the excuse it is to eat carbs and sugar. My favorite thing about it is the extra time to spend with friends and family. The extra calories seem more savory and more acceptable when enjoyed in good company. It seems that in November and December we are all willing to [...]

A Decorator’s Dilemma: Part 1

It’s that time of year again and I’m not talking about holiday drinks and Christmas cheer. I’m talking about the pressure to get my house decorated with the right wreath for the front door and all the other Christmas paraphernalia for the table and the tree. No one understands what we moms go through so that our families can feel the [...]