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Blog 2020-02-25T18:50:02+00:00

Help Has Arrived!

I have patiently been waiting, since my metal garage order was placed. I purchased concrete center blocks for it. I have marked the place where I want this building to go. I was like a kid in a candy shop going through Lowe’s thinking of all the projects I could do in my new metal garage.  Two weeks passed by and [...]

Purchasing My Metal Garage

So I fill out my information online and begin looking at what they have. This place had a live chat option and I started chatting with one of their online sales reps. She began asking questions like, “What will you be using it for? Where would it be going? Do you have a size in mind? Do you want any windows?” [...]

Storage Help Is On The Way

I’m loaded up heading to look at my options today. I’m ready to solve all my storage issues, make the wife happy, and be able to have company over again. I’m ready to come home from work fire up the grill and enjoy the pool and not be so depressed with visual reminders that I need to get the stuff cleaned [...]

Need Some Help?

It’s that time of year again when everyone starts planning and preparing for spring and summer. Yard projects are in the planning stage and extra hours are being worked for those summer vacations. Your garage is overtaken. You’re embarrassed by it to the point no one is allowed to see it. You feel as though friends and neighbors would judge you [...]

New Year’s Success

It seems like I was just elbow-deep in Thanksgiving turkey and stuffing. How is it possible that swimsuits are already on display in the stores? At least I managed to get my Christmas tree put away before February first, barely. Seeing the swimwear in stores would typically be a reminder to me of another year of failed New Year’s resolutions. [...]