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Metal vs. Wooden Livestock Barns

Choosing the right livestock barn for your property can bring peace of mind. Knowing that your animals will be safe from predators and intense weather conditions, and having a dry place to keep everything you need to care for them eliminates concerns that keep you up at night. It’s important to have the facts about barns before you purchase, lest you [...]

The Fan Cave

The Good Ole Days There was a saying that I heard a lot while growing up: "The difference between men and boys is the price of their toys!" From trucks to tractors, from drones to screens, men have always needed a place to keep their "toys.” They want a place to watch the game alone or with friends while playing a game [...]

Site Prep FAQ’s

When you spend your hard-earned money on a project, you want to make sure it gets done right the first time. The old adages “measure twice, cut once” and that “haste makes waste” are very true, especially when purchasing a carport or metal building. Below are some Frequently Asked Questions to help make sure your site is prepped for your next [...]

Red Iron vs Prefabricated Metal Buildings

Constructing steel buildings is becoming more and more popular in comparison to other traditional materials. Unlike wood, metal is more durable against weather fluctuations and storms. It lasts longer, demands less upkeep, stands up to fire more effectively, and doesn’t swell or shrink like wood. This means less money out of your pocket for repairs and upkeep, giving you a more [...]

Sun Protection For Your Vehicles

As summer time arrives in Texas it brings higher temperatures and lots of sunshine. Fun in the sun brings out the dirt bikes, boats, recreational vehicles, and many other things to take your summer fun to another level. The Texas heat and sun can damage these valuables and have devastating impacts. Having a metal building or carport can save you money [...]