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Benefits of a Detached Garage

Detached garages are growing in popularity as homeowners are tired of the garage-focused house design that has dominated suburban neighborhoods for years. Consider these benefits first if you think you can’t buy a home without an attached garage or if you are thinking of building a home with one. Better Use of Space A detached garage is a better use of [...]

Choosing the Most Usable RV Protection

Summer travels have come to a close and now your wife is asking you every other day to store your RV safely for the winter. You promised her you’d figure something out when she agreed to let you buy this new toy that, in all fairness, she loves just as much as you do. Unfortunately, it takes time to think through [...]

A Place Where Creativity Flows

Have you ever had a creative business idea? Maybe you want to start a mechanic shop? Perhaps it’s a new engine design or an innovative new software company? These are all great ideas, but just where would you have the space to execute them? You can’t rent a place downtown because that’s too costly and too much upkeep. You could use [...]