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Fall Garage Makeover, Part 3: Metal Building Makeover Solution

You’ve decided you want a garage makeover and began cleaning it out to prepare. You quickly realize you don’t have enough space. Even after you donate and get rid of a few things there is still not enough room in your garage. You feel yourself losing momentum for the project and need to find another solution fast. 

Have you thought about a metal building? When I was working on my garage makeover, I bought a steel building and was able to have a place to store my things while also freeing up some space to complete my man cave by night and play area by day. 

The Shopping Process

I started shopping for a steel building, looking around at multiple companies. There were so many companies to choose from, it got a little overwhelming. One company bashing a competitor and the competitor bashing them back, other companies that seemed like they had some shady business practices were everywhere. I got the impression they were a bunch of money-hungry sales guys. I didn’t feel like anyone cared about me, the customer. I wondered if getting a metal building was such a good idea if I was going to have to deal with companies like these. That is until I met a sales advisor at Stallion Buildings. 

Notice I said “advisor,” not a salesman. Stallion’s team didn’t seem to be money hungry. They didn’t bash their competitors. The advisor actually asked questions to make sure the building would be exactly what I needed. He didn’t just point to something he already had on the lot while sitting in his comfortable chair saying, “Come see me when you have questions.” He took the time to make me feel like I mattered and was important to him. 

When asking questions about the competitors, he didn’t bash them. In fact, he said they built a good product, but here is what we do differently. This was refreshing and gave me confidence in the integrity of Stallion Buildings. At this point, I knew where I was going to take my business. 

The Ordering Process

When it came time to order my steel building, we had discussed several different styles with many different options. I knew I needed to get the garage cleaned out and get prepared for my newborn baby to arrive. I knew I was on a time frame as well as a budget. We quickly discussed which style worked best for me. After narrowing down a style, we started designing it, including adding windows where they were needed to let in natural light and ventilation. We also added a roll-up door so I had a place to work on any project or lawn equipment that needed to be repaired. 

The sales advisor wrote up the paperwork for my steel building with all of the options I wanted, including my choice of colors for the building and choice of colors for the roll-up door. After going over the paperwork and a few quick signatures, I made the down payment on my new steel building. The advisor told me it would be delivered to my place within three weeks and I’d receive a phone call a few days before delivery. 

The Delivery Process

About two and a half weeks went by before the much-anticipated delivery day arrived. I received a phone call from the scheduling department to confirm the date and tentative time. Stallion gave me a call that morning letting me know they were headed my way with my building. I was like a kid in a candy store. I was so excited! The crew showed up to install my building on the pad I had prepared for them. They quickly got busy and got the building up within a day. I was blown away at their speed and quality of work. This building is impressive. 

Now that it’s here, its move-in time. I was able to neatly tuck away my toolboxes and lawn equipment on an easily accessible side of the building. I purchased a few shelves for my plastic storage containers that are labeled for contents. With my garage cleaned out, I can begin my makeover project and actually have full use of it again. 

Don’t let lack of space cause you to lose momentum. There’s a metal building makeover solution for you.

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