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Frequently Asked Questions


How does Stallion’s metal compare to others?

All Stallion Buildings come standard with 29 gauge metal that ranges on the high end of the decimal range of thickness. This can be as much as a 40% difference from other companies that come standard with mid to low range 29 gauge. The steel panels we use are Grade E, 80 KSI, rated to withstand 80,000 pounds per square inch. Other companies come standard with Grade C, 33 KSI steel panels.

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Does Stallion do site prep & concrete work?

Stallion Buildings does not do the site prep or concrete work if your site requires any. We are happy to refer you to someone in your area if we are able. If your area needs preparation to make it level for installation or a concrete slab, please ensure you have those items taken care of prior to scheduling your install. Should the site not be ready when installers arrive, additional labor costs and/or a restocking fee may be applied.

How long will installation take?

At Stallion Buildings it is our goal to provide you with top quality products and workmanship as quickly as possible. Due to the high demand of Stallion Buildings products, installation time may vary depending on the time of year. However, on average it will range about 4-6 weeks lead time.

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Will I need a permit?

Most times yes and most counties require the home owner to get their own permit. Stallion will gladly provide our customers with the plans that the permitting office may require in order to issue a building permit. Each permit office has different requirements and we will do our best to assist you.

What is the tallest leg height I can order?

The standard leg is 12’ high. The tallest we offer is 16’ high, however, more custom work will be needed.

What are the dimensions of my metal building?

The width is measured outside to outside. Example: Customer buys a 25’x30’ A-Frame Garage, the width is 25’ outside to outside, the length is 30’ outside to outside.

How will the remaining balance be paid & to whom?

The remaining balance will be collected by the installer if it is cash or check. For security reasons, we do not keep credit card information on file. If you would like to pay with a credit card, you may call us at the time the install is completed, and we can take payment over the phone for you. If the customer is not available at the time the install is complete, we will call you to collect the remaining balance.

What is Stallion’s warranty?

Stallion Buildings workmanship comes with a one year warranty, where other companies only warranty their workmanship for 90 days. Our steel panels are guaranteed for 40 years for film integrity, 30 years against fading, peeling and flaking, and 25 years against rust-through perforation.

Full Warranty

Does Stallion offer Rent-to-Own?

Yes! Stallion Buildings proudly offers Rent-To-Own (RTO) on all their products under $15,000. With RTO, there is no credit check and the upfront costs are minimal. Simply put a 15% security deposit and first month’s rent down at the time of transaction. Once the product is installed, you will begin making your regular monthly rent payments. You have the option of paying off early for a discount or making the minimum payments each month for the term length.