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Metal vs. Wooden Livestock Barns

Choosing the right livestock barn for your property can bring peace of mind. Knowing that your animals will be safe from predators and intense weather conditions, and having a dry place to keep everything you need to care for them eliminates concerns that keep you up at night. It’s important to have the facts about barns before you purchase, lest you trade one set of concerns for another.

Ask yourself these questions before getting started:

  1. How do I get the best value for my barn budget?
  2. Do I want a metal barn or a wooden barn?
  3. How much time and money will be required for the upkeep?
  4. Which customizations could make my barn work better for my needs?
Budget & Value

When it comes to metal versus wood, there is no doubt that a metal building is going to be easier on the budget. You will save time and money with a metal barn, not just initially, but over the lifetime of the building


As mentioned above, maintenance will become a concern when purchasing a wooden building. Metal barns handle the elements and animals better. You don’t have to worry about rotting, molding, cracking, having termite damage, or your animals chewing the wood off the barn. Also, the wooden beams that are in the ground will rot over time and need to be replaced.

Consider that you’ll need to paint a wooden barn every few years if you want to keep it looking nice on your property. Once again, this will cost you time and money to maintain. Since most metal buildings come with a paint warranty on their sheet metal, you won’t have to worry about painting a metal barn. For example, Stallion Buildings uses a metal with a 30-year warranty against peeling, flaking, and fading.


Metal barns are designed by the customer and are fully customizable. Lean-to’s can be added to the front for a wash rack or for loading and unloading. A lean-to can also be attached down the side for equipment or even have it enclosed to store hay. If you are looking for something a little simpler, we have loafing sheds as well.

loafing shed carport - Metal vs. Wooden Livestock Barns


Not only does a clean barn look nice, but it is important for your safety, the safety of your livestock, and the cleanliness of your equipment. Metal barns are much easier to clean with just a pressure washer and a mild cleaning solution, if needed. You won’t have to worry about compromising a wood sealer as you clean nor will you have to wait a long time for it to dry. Just wash the metal barn and it will dry quickly so your livestock and equipment can be put back in place. Concerns about mildew or deterioration after you are finished are not going to be an issue for metal barns either.

These are a few of the advantages and disadvantages of metal barns versus wooded barns. Now it’s up to you to decide which route you want to go. Less stress, less maintenance and more budget friendly? That’s the way I would go. So, unless you like to do things the hard way and have more spare time and money than I do, let Stallion Buildings build your horse barn. Give us a call and let us make your life easier.

barn carport 1 - Metal vs. Wooden Livestock Barns

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