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Red Iron vs Prefabricated Metal Buildings

Constructing steel buildings is becoming more and more popular in comparison to other traditional materials. Unlike wood, metal is more durable against weather fluctuations and storms. It lasts longer, demands less upkeep, stands up to fire more effectively, and doesn’t swell or shrink like wood. This means less money out of your pocket for repairs and upkeep, giving you a more durable and longer lasting building, which makes constructing outdoor buildings such as carports, garages, shops, commercial buildings, and barns out of steel a very smart choice.

There are two kinds of metal buildings to choose from: red iron and prefabricated metal. Knowing the facts about both can save you time and money.

Red Iron Metal Building

Red iron buildings are very popular across our great nation. They are usually welded together instead of bolted and screwed. They are strong and can handle a lot of weight, making it possible to use fewer materials to finish your building. In the past it has been easier to find someone who knows red iron and can build with it.


Red iron buildings usually cost more compared to the prefabricated buildings. Budgeting for the additional upgrades needed to make this building fit your needs can become a financial stretch. That’s why red iron is often used on large projects or bigger budget projects, especially in the industrial applications. In addition, they require a longer install time.

Prefabricated Metal Building

Prefabricated buildings are growing in demand for several reasons. They offer a more affordable and flexible solution while maintaining many of the same benefits as red iron buildings with their maintenance-free durability and strength. They are generally premade in a warehouse and installed on your property, resulting in quicker assembly time and quicker overall turnaround time. That means they are lighter on your budget, giving you extra money to make it 100% the way you want. Simply add a lean-to, windows, or doors to get the customization you need.

Some manufacturers sell prefabricated metal buildings in kits often leaving their customers frustrated and disappointed with their purchase. Here at Stallion Buildings we don’t use YouTube to install your building. We include installation from our experienced and professional crews.

Why pay more or do it yourself when Stallion Buildings can deliver a metal building exactly as you need for less time and money? Give us a call so we can get started on a custom metal building for just you!

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