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Sun Protection For Your Vehicles

As summer time arrives in Texas it brings higher temperatures and lots of sunshine. Fun in the sun brings out the dirt bikes, boats, recreational vehicles, and many other things to take your summer fun to another level. The Texas heat and sun can damage these valuables and have devastating impacts. Having a metal building or carport can save you money and protect your belongings. 

How can the sun damage your vehicle?

The UV rays from the sun oxidizes the paint on your vehicles causing them to fade. It depreciates your vehicle making it look older and more worn, adversely affecting your trade in value.  It can also cause damage to headlights and rubber trims, which will allow it to leak the next time it rains.  

The interior of your vehicle, boat, or fun toy can weaken and fade when exposed to the sun. If you have leather seats the sun will also make sure they are nice and toasty when you are ready to hop inside for a ride. We’ll help you avoid that burn. 

Protect Your Vehicle

A carport will aid in protecting your vehicles from the sun. It keeps the inside temperature of your vehicle cooler while protecting it from direct UV rays. 

What about the headlights or the rest of the vehicle that is exposed to sunlight? We can enclose the sides or the ends of the carport you chose to give you complete closure and full protection. 

Want to take it to the next level?

We offer a completely enclosed garage that can be built on dirt, built on gravel or even on a concrete pad if you would rather it be built to a slab. This would not only offer protection for your vehicles or summer toys, but go a little bigger and you have a workshop!  Rather not park the mower inside or the boat inside the garage? No problem we can simply add a lean too to it to maximize your space. 

Why Stallion?

carport 1 - Sun Protection For Your Vehicles

Regular Carport

Your vehicle and summer fun toys are an investment. They are your property that deserves to be protected. Having the right garage or carport is the first step to protecting them, ensuring that your property will last for many years. 

One of the best things about Stallion Buildings is the customization availability. We can design this to work for you and fit your needs. You can decide on ceiling and wall height, the size of your building, where you want doors, what size doors and if you want it to have a porch; we will work with you to fit your needs, preferences, and budget. 

Need payment options? We have you covered on that too. Give us a call and let us design the perfect structure for you!

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