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Winter Preparation For Your Steel Building

The crisp fall air that November brings is upon us and frankly, it’s making me hungry. Thanksgiving can’t get here fast enough! Perfectly browned turkey with matching gravy on top of rolling, creamy potatoes tastes especially good when shared at a table full of family. The laughter and hugs fill me up in the places where the food can’t. 

But, before winter rolls in completely, and you never know when or if it will, and before you can sit down to your favorite meal of the year, better check over your steel building. Metal buildings hold up even better than wooden buildings, but like all things, they need a little care. Below are a few things you can do to maintain yours. 

Don’t Procrastinate

Procrastination is your worst enemy. You’ll always find something easier and more important to do than those tasks that require little effort. Fortunately, steel buildings require very little maintenance. Remember an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. 

Prune Your Trees

Winter brings winds, rain, and maybe some ice and snow if we are lucky. The first thing to do in preparation for winter is trim tree branches and bushes that have grown too close to your building. This will prevent branches from falling and damaging it. It will also keep them from blowing against the sheet metal and scratching it.

Remove Debris

Remove leaves, branches, pine needles, dirt, and other debris from the roof. Substances that hold water can invite corrosion or leaks.

Clean around the exterior as well so you don’t trip over junk that’s been left out in your hurry to get out of the brutally cold winds. Make sure to route any water drainage away from the building so it doesn’t run back inside or freeze on walkways, creating the potential for a painful fall. 

Wash the Exterior

Wash your entire building including the roof. Simply using a soft-bristled brush and a mild household cleaner mixed with warm water will work very well. If you opt for a pressure washer make sure it’s has a low-pressure setting you can use. Scrub away moss or anything else that has made itself a home on your metal building. 

Check Moving Parts

Inspect the ropes or chains on your roll-up doors. Make sure they aren’t damaged or falling apart. If so, promptly replace them. Make sure all of your doors are working properly with the option to apply a little WD-40 to keep them from squeaking or getting tight. Check that the windows are locking and sealing properly to keep intruders from finding a way inside. 

A metal building lasts longer than a wooden structure and has less maintenance, but like all things, there is some maintenance required. Preventative maintenance saves time and money in the long run. A quick inspection and a little cleaning before that food coma sets in can give you peace of mind to better enjoy the delicious holiday with your family.  

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